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Mythic Oil

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Mythic Oil is a nourishing hair care range for all hair types. The products contain a mixture of customised oils, which results in your hair looking shiny, feeling supple and smelling devine! Along with the traditional shampoo and conditioner, this home care range also contains pre and post-blow drying products that provide heat protection and a glossy finish.

At Sam Park Hair we stock:

1. Mythic Oil Shampoo (£13.99) – a shampoo that provides a refreshing cleansing experience that leaves your hair feeling tamed, manageable and looking shiny

2. Mythic Oil Conditioner (£14.99) – a conditioner that is designed to nourishes the hair, to leave it feeling silky, smooth and soft to touch, providing luxurious conditioning care

3. Souffle d’Or Conditioner (£14.99) – a conditioner that offers beautiful shine and lightweight nourishment

4. Mythic Oil Masque (£17.99) – designed to intensely nourish and replenish the hair, for a glossy-looking result

5. Mythic Oil Seve Protectrice (£15.99) – a cream that provides heat protection (of up to 230 degrees celsius) and nourishment for dry and damaged hair

6. Mythic Oil Milk (£15.99) – a conditioning spray formula leaves hair looking smooth and sleek for fine and normal hair types

7. Mythic Oil Colour Glow (£15.99) – a spray that leaves hair feeling protected, nourished and looking radiant, with a non-greasy finish (for colour-treated hair)

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