Pro-Keratin Refill

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Pro-Keratin Refill

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Do you have dry and damaged hair? Then you should try the Pro-Keratin Refill home care range! Naturally, your hair is composed of keratin (90%) and moisture (10%) however, colouring of your hair (especially in blondes) and heat exposure (e.g. straighteners) can break down this keratin. This L’Oreal Professionnel range will replenish the natural stock of keratin in your hair, providing strength and resistance to outside elements.

At Sam Park Hair we stock:

1. Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo (£10.49) – a protecting shampoo for damaged and fragile hair, and other hair types for a caring treat

2. Pro-Keratin Refill Conditioner (£11.49) – a nourishing and protecting conditioner that will improve the look, and feel of your hair

You could also try the Power Kera-Recharge treatment during your next appointment at Sam Park Hair, which will increase the keratin in your hair by 65%. This treatment will also leave your hair feeling nourished, soft and looking shiny.

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