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Meigan Alessandra @ Sam Park Hair Crieff

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Meigan Alessandra is the Advanced stylist and bridal specialist at Sam Park Hair, Crieff, however she is also a freelance hair stylist when she is out-with the salon and works alongside a Glasgow based model, Claire Marie, for photoshoots.

Meigan embarks on many exciting opportunities to do unique photoshoots like these:

  • “Medusa” photoshoot; Cloisters, Glasgow University. Meigan created this interesting style by incorporating hair ring accessories into the hair through plaits.

Photographer: Eric Gordon & Julie Gibson
MUA: Lindsay Simpson
Hair: Meigan Alessandra
Model: Claire Marie

Image-3.png Image-4.png

  • “Glam 1920s” photoshoot, Meigan was inspired by Great Gatsby styles and created this look by curling all of the hair and back-combing it to form a shorter, volumised look.

Photographer/Hair: Meigan Alessandra
MUA/Model: Claire Marie



  • “Old Theatre” photoshoot; Glasgow, For this look Meigan created soft curls and added hair pieces for volume and length.

Photographer: Kevin Robertson
MUA/Model: Claire Marie
Hair: Meigan Alessandra



  • Meigans most recent work from a photoshoot has appeared in a Scottish bridal magazine “Tie the Knot Scotland”; The magazine article was showcasing wedding dress designs by Pamela Fraser with Meigan creating soft, bridal looks for the model.

Photographer: Jenni Browne
MUA: Alison Peters
Hair: Meigan Alessandra
Dress Design: Pamela Fraser

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You can follow more of Meigans exciting endeavours on her Facebook page Hunky-Dory Hair Design, Meigan Alessandra.



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Bridal Hair Training Course

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Last week the Bridal team at Sam Park Hair, Crieff, enjoyed attending the ‘Essential Bride’ Salon Services training course in Edinburgh, Leith. Our stylists, Lauren and Meigan, along with apprentice, Sammy, were brought up to date with the trends and they experimented with the 5 key bridal hair styles of; rolls, knots, buns, curls and the application of hair ornamentation. This training course was designed to help build the stylists confidence in hair ups by focusing on creating traditional and classic bridal styles to aid in capturing the magic of every brides fairytale wedding. Our bridal team have experience creating beautiful looks which can be seen in our gallery.





Is your wedding day coming up soon? Our bridal team can create the perfect look for your big day, which is individual and personal to you, book an consultation with one of our bridal specialists. Call 01764 650200 or e-mail samparkhair@hotmail.com.

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The Bridal Team at Sam Park Hair

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Today the Bridal Team from Sam Park Hair attended the Stirling Wedding Show. Meigan (Advanced Stylist), Lauren (Creative Stylist) and Sammy (Trainee Hairdresser) throughly enjoyed showcasing their stunning bridal looks. They provided 5-miunte put up’s for the guests, giving them an insight into what the team can create for your wedding day.

Is your special day coming up soon? The girls can create beautiful looks, whether for the bride, bridesmaid’s, flower girls or the mother’s of the bride and groom. A taster of the looks created by the Bridal Team at Sam Park Hair are displayed in the photographs below but, each bridal look is individual and personal to you so call 01764 650200 or e-mail samparkhair@hotmail.com to book a consultation with one of our bridal specialists to create the perfect look for your big day! Further examples of bridal looks that the team have created can be found in the website’s gallery.

Sam Park Hair

Sam Park Hair Crieff

Sam Park Hair Crieff

Sam Park Hair Crieff

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Our Latest Bridal Hair Photoshoot!

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Look at the beautiful new photographs of our latest Bride’s in our ‘gallery’. The stunning looks were created by our Advanced Stylist, Meigan Loan at Sam Park Hair, Crieff. These looks were captured by Crieff Photography.



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