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Meigan Alessandra @ Sam Park Hair Crieff

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Meigan Alessandra is the Advanced stylist and bridal specialist at Sam Park Hair, Crieff, however she is also a freelance hair stylist when she is out-with the salon and works alongside a Glasgow based model, Claire Marie, for photoshoots.

Meigan embarks on many exciting opportunities to do unique photoshoots like these:

  • “Medusa” photoshoot; Cloisters, Glasgow University. Meigan created this interesting style by incorporating hair ring accessories into the hair through plaits.

Photographer: Eric Gordon & Julie Gibson
MUA: Lindsay Simpson
Hair: Meigan Alessandra
Model: Claire Marie

Image-3.png Image-4.png

  • “Glam 1920s” photoshoot, Meigan was inspired by Great Gatsby styles and created this look by curling all of the hair and back-combing it to form a shorter, volumised look.

Photographer/Hair: Meigan Alessandra
MUA/Model: Claire Marie



  • “Old Theatre” photoshoot; Glasgow, For this look Meigan created soft curls and added hair pieces for volume and length.

Photographer: Kevin Robertson
MUA/Model: Claire Marie
Hair: Meigan Alessandra



  • Meigans most recent work from a photoshoot has appeared in a Scottish bridal magazine “Tie the Knot Scotland”; The magazine article was showcasing wedding dress designs by Pamela Fraser with Meigan creating soft, bridal looks for the model.

Photographer: Jenni Browne
MUA: Alison Peters
Hair: Meigan Alessandra
Dress Design: Pamela Fraser

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You can follow more of Meigans exciting endeavours on her Facebook pageĀ Hunky-Dory Hair Design, Meigan Alessandra.



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