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Mythic Oil

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Mythic Oil is a nourishing hair care range for all hair types. The products contain a mixture of customised oils, which results in your hair looking shiny, feeling supple and smelling devine! Along with the traditional shampoo and conditioner, this home care range also contains pre and post-blow drying products that provide heat protection and a glossy finish.

At Sam Park Hair we stock:

1. Mythic Oil Shampoo (£13.99) – a shampoo that provides a refreshing cleansing experience that leaves your hair feeling tamed, manageable and looking shiny

2. Mythic Oil Conditioner (£14.99) – a conditioner that is designed to nourishes the hair, to leave it feeling silky, smooth and soft to touch, providing luxurious conditioning care

3. Souffle d’Or Conditioner (£14.99) – a conditioner that offers beautiful shine and lightweight nourishment

4. Mythic Oil Masque (£17.99) – designed to intensely nourish and replenish the hair, for a glossy-looking result

5. Mythic Oil Seve Protectrice (£15.99) – a cream that provides heat protection (of up to 230 degrees celsius) and nourishment for dry and damaged hair

6. Mythic Oil Milk (£15.99) – a conditioning spray formula leaves hair looking smooth and sleek for fine and normal hair types

7. Mythic Oil Colour Glow (£15.99) – a spray that leaves hair feeling protected, nourished and looking radiant, with a non-greasy finish (for colour-treated hair)

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Scalp Care

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Do you have a dry, irritated scalp? Or are you the opposite; do you have an oily scalp? Then you would benefit from one of the four shampoo’s in the scalp care range by L’Oreal Professionnel. Each shampoo is tailor made to suit the specific scalp issues, and to boost everyone’s confidence about their hair.

At Sam Park Hair we stock:

1. Pure Resource Shampoo (£10.99) – a shampoo that helps to remove the build-up of styling products, hard water residue and excess natural oils on the hair and scalp, which ultimately leaves your scalp feeling clean, nourished and protected (with a hydro-lipid film)

2. Sensi Balance Shampoo (£10.99) – this shampoo results in sensitive, irritated scalps being moisturised and protected, whilst leaving hair soft, shiny and refreshed

3. Instant Clear Nutrition (£10.99) – a shampoo that is designed to purify the scalp, reduce irritation and lift flaky skin, which reduces dandruff (for colour-treated hair)

4. Instant Clear Pure (£10.99) – a shampoo that is designed to purify the scalp, reduce irritation and lift flaky skin, which reduces dandruff (for normal/oily hair)

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Pro-Keratin Refill

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Do you have dry and damaged hair? Then you should try the Pro-Keratin Refill home care range! Naturally, your hair is composed of keratin (90%) and moisture (10%) however, colouring of your hair (especially in blondes) and heat exposure (e.g. straighteners) can break down this keratin. This L’Oreal Professionnel range will replenish the natural stock of keratin in your hair, providing strength and resistance to outside elements.

At Sam Park Hair we stock:

1. Pro-Keratin Refill Shampoo (£10.49) – a protecting shampoo for damaged and fragile hair, and other hair types for a caring treat

2. Pro-Keratin Refill Conditioner (£11.49) – a nourishing and protecting conditioner that will improve the look, and feel of your hair

You could also try the Power Kera-Recharge treatment during your next appointment at Sam Park Hair, which will increase the keratin in your hair by 65%. This treatment will also leave your hair feeling nourished, soft and looking shiny.

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Do you need help with fine hair? Do you want more body and volume to you hair? Then the Volumetry home care range would be perfect for you! This home care range has been specifically designed by L’Oreal Professionnel to target flat, fine hair. This serie expert range provides volume from the root, leaving hair looking fuller and longer.

At Sam Park Hair we stock:

1. Volumetry Shampoo (£9.99) – an anti-gravity effect volume shampoo for fine hair, which leaves hair cleansed and volumised

2. Volumetry Conditioner (£10.85) – an anti-gravity effect volume conditioner for fine hair, which leaves hair soft, shiny and volumised

If you, and your stylist, believe this is the right hair care range for you, then you can try out the Volumetry range in the salon when you get your hair washed.

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Vitamino Color A.OX

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Do you have coloured hair? Then the Vitamino Color A.OX home care range would be perfect for your hair! After your colour appointment in salon, this home care range will keep your colour radiant. The Vitamino Color A.OX range is L’Oreal Professionnel’s most advanced anti-oxidant and protective home care range, which also provides UV protection. This UV protection is perfect for protecting your colour from fading in the sun, over the Summer months and whilst on holiday.

At Sam Park Hair we stock the:

1. Cleansing Shampoo (£10.49) – a colour fixing and perfecting shampoo, which purifies hair and leaves your hair feeling soft

2. Conditioner (£11.49) – a colour fixing and perfecting conditioner, which detangles hair, leaving a soft and shiny finish

3. Color 10 IN 1 (£12.49) – a multi-purpose spray that results in hair feeling softer, glossy and protected from heat & weather elements

4. CC Cream (£13.49) – a colour correcting anti-yellowing cream for blondes, which also deeply conditions hair

At your next colour appointment, you could also have the Vitamino Color A.OX Powerdose treatment. This post-colour protection treatment nourishes your hair and, it helps to keep your colour looking radiant until your next appointment!


CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: The Vitamino Color A.OX is a repackaged, and improved, version of the Vitamino Color home care range.

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Crieff’s 1st L’Oreal Colour Specialist!

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Sam Park graduated, at Central Saint Martins, London, on the 7th of April 2015. Sam achieved a Credit level pass in her L’Oreal Colour Specialist Degree and she is now one of L’Oreal Professionnel’s elite colourists – part of the A List Team! Sam Park herself said: “It was great to be selected to take part in this training, which marks a high point in my career and, I’m honoured to become the first L’Oreal Colour Specialist in Crieff”

Book an appointment with Sam at Sam Park Hair today, or by calling 01764 650200.

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Try The New Color 10 IN 1!

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Brand new L’Oreal Professionnel product in salon now!

Come into Sam Park Hair to purchase, or receive advice, on the new Color 10 IN 1. Color 10 IN 1 is a multi-purpose spray for all types of colour treated hair, for colour protection and hydration. The product has 10 benefits: 1. protection 2. shine 3. softness 4. detangling 5. helps with brushing 6. reduces appearance of split ends 7. heat protection 8. anti-frizz 9. anti-breakage 10. helps to keep your hair in a consistent condition

Color 10 IN 1 is perfect to use during styling, or to spritz on the hair post-styling to enhance shine. Be the first to try it at only £12.49 at Sam Park Hair, Crieff.

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Competition Success for Sam Park Hair!

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The Team at Sam Park Hair, Crieff competed in the L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2015 and qualified for the Scottish Grand Final. The competition took place in Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel April 13th 2015. There were originally 900 entrants and we are proud to say we finished in 20th position. Our model for this global and exciting event is Lydia Simpson, a local girl, currently head girl at Crieff High School. Lydia was a big success.

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L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2015!

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We are very excited to announce that the team at Sam Park Hair, Crieff have qualified for the second stage of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2015. The team will be heading to Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel on Monday the 13th of April for the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Scottish Regional Final 2015! The photograph above, courtesy of O Photography, was our winning ticket into the second round. Sam Park and Meigan Loan created the final look on our gorgeous model Lydia Simpson, with make-up by Helen McNeill.

If you would love this colour, or style, recreated on yourself, book an appointment at Sam Park Hair with one of our stylists.



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